Saturday, 22 September 2018

The latest edition of Many Roads, Bodhicharya's e-magazine includes some retreat inspired haiku from Dublin poet, Maeve O'Sullivan. This one has an especially Irish flavour.

discarded crisp bag:

faded Mr. Tayto

still smiling

For more of her work and many other interesting articles please go to the link above. The e-magazine is edited by Albert Harris and all contributions are welcome.

Friday, 21 September 2018

2018 Dublin teachings are now available.

The teachings that Rinpoche gave in Dublin for KSD and the Bodhichaya group last week are already available to listen to in the Bodhicharya Archive.  Please log in to view :
The smoke offering to the local Wicklow deities
With a magnificent Suffolk Punch
Rinpoche's visit to Ireland this year also included a trip to Glendalough and Laragh in County Wicklow to perform Riwo Sangcho for a new organic farm project, and an invitation to lunch with Palpung Ireland, before a weekend at Dzogchen Beara with the Rigpa Community.                                    

A picnic, and blessing the land
Some of the  Palpung Ireland group in Banteer, Co. Cork, with director Ani Chodron to Rinpoche's left, visiting lama Ani Dechen, from Sherab Ling.   
Prayers for an injured sheerwater gull that has been resting
at the Allihies Donkey Sanctuary, before the bird takes flight.
On the drive to Dzogchen Beara       

Friday, 31 August 2018

And now the Yoga of Action

We are very pleased to be able to confirm the public programme for Ringu Tulku Rinpoche's visit to Dublin,  hosted by Bodhicharya Ireland and Kagyu Samye Dzong, Dublin.

Rinpoche arrives on Monday 10th September  and will give teaching that evening at KSDD on the Five Mind Poisons.  7.30 - 9 pm.

On Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th September Rinpoche will continue his teaching on  the root text of  Patrul Rinpoche's  'The Practice of View, Meditation, and Action - A Discourse Virtuous in the Beginning, Middle and End*  which is  published as 'The Heart Treasure of the Enlightened Ones', a commentary by Dilgo Khyentse. 
Bookings for all public teachings can be made through Dublin Kagyu Samye Dzong on 01 4537427 or email,

 A white dove sits on Rinpoche's microphone
during the 2018 Paris Monlams in August.
Photo credit  Bernie Hartley
On Friday 14th September Rinpoche will begin his weekend of teachings at Dzogchen Beara, West Cork.

This week Ringu Tulku is leading the Kagyu Monlam (Wishing Prayers) at the Grand Pagoda in Paris.
*Shambhala Books, Boston and London 1992. Translated from the Tibetan by  Padmakara Translation Group.

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

The Yoga of Non Action

On August 28th Rinpoche gave a teaching on The Yoga of Non Action that was live streamed from Amsterdam. If you missed it you can listen again (along with many other of Rinpoche's talks) by clicking on this  Bodhicharya Archives  link.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Roisin Ingle Interviews Rinpoche for The Irish Times Online Programme

 At the Bodhicharya Centre, Berlin, Germany.
On a visit to Ireland in 2015 Ringu Tulku was interviewed by journalist Roisin Ingle for the Irish Times.  It is an interesting conversation, covering incarnation, death and karma- and using the internet, amongst other things,  so here it is again  as we prepare for this year's visit to Dublin, Ireland  from the 10th September. Enjoy! 

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

The Bodhicharya Teachings Archive

The Bodhicharya Teachings Archive is constantly being updated with new transcripts and recordings. Behind the scenes many dedicated volunteers are working together with Rinpoche to make them accessible to everyone, the project is ongoing and will eventually hold every teaching that Rinpoche has given (that was recorded, which is most of them) since 1990.  Please go to link  to see what is available to view so far.  Rinpoche's 2018 teaching tour in Europe and the US has begun and talks are already available.
Thanks so much to everyone involved, this is amazing work, and so valuable.

Monks in training, Pemayangtse Monastery,  Pelling, Sikkim.   Photo Annie Dibble. 2017.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

"My greatest Wish Is To See the Monlams Light Up All The Countries Of The World, Like Butterlamps". Karmapa 2014

Ringu Tulku Rinoche will be leading a Monlam in Paris, France this year at the Great Pagoda of Vincennes, beginning 1st September.

The word Monlam [Tib] means wishing or aspiration prayers, and so the focus of the week is to bring together  nuns, monks and lay people to pray together for peace and harmony in the world. 

In Samye Ling this week, the very first United Kingdom Monlam is taking place, led by Drupon Khen Rinpoche Karma Lhabu, who is the long term retreat master at Sekar Monastery in Nepal, retreat house of one of the world's greatest living Buddhist teachers, Thrangu Rinpoche. 
The days include teachings by Drupon Rinpoche  on ‘The Hundred Verses of Advice From Padampa Sangye to the People of Tingr’. To attend the teachings there is a a commitment to all sessions, but Rinpoche's instructions are more relaxed regarding the prayers sessions.

The First United Kingdom Monlam prayer sessions are being livestreamed on Facebook video and begin mornings 6.00 am, 10.30 am and afternoons 2 pm.  

The Karma Kagyu Annual Monlam is historically held in Bodhgaya, India, with thousands in attendance, and until this year, it has been led by His Holiness Karmapa in person.