Thursday, 19 February 2015

A lovely message from Rinpoche for the year of the Female Wood Sheep

"The horns of auspiciousness touch the sky.
The wools of prosperity swirl on the ground.
The bleats of happiness resound in the valleys.
The year of Sheep may bring you all goodness"

19th February 2015

Auspicious Losar to everyone!

And in return Rinpoche,  all of us from Bodhicharya Ireland wish you a female sheep year of good health, great wealth, safe travels and students who practise well!!

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Rinpoche's Summer Visit to Dublin 2015

Rinpoche in Sri Lanka on Pilgrimage in January
News just in ! Ringu Tulku is preparing his teaching events for 2015; he will be in Dzogchen Beara 3-5th July, and Dublin 27th - 30th July this year, just in time to prime yourself for Summercamp in Portugal 3-9th August, where Rinpoche will be leading a Ngondro retreat. All details for booking are on the Summercamp page 
Rinpoche's itinerary has become even more busy, with even more centres than ever extending an invitation for him to teach.     The programme for his visit to Dublin will be here to view shortly.