Friday, 28 August 2009

News from Rinpoche's Monastery in Rigul.

Ringu Tulku Rinpoche is the Abbot of Rigul Monastery, in Eastern Tibet. He has just heard news of the new Shedra (studies programme) from Khenpo Wangpel, of Rigul.
Rinpoche writes:
"The Shedra of Rigul has now started. There was a big inauguration with Dulmo Choje Rinpoche as the Chief Guest. Over 800 monks and nuns attended the opening ceremony including high Rinpoches, Khenpos and Lamas. Thousands of people came for the teachings and blessings. The shedra buildings are complete with a hall which can accomodate around 1500 people. The old Temple is also fully renovated and both were inuagurated and blessed.
photo, Khenpo Dulmo Chöje Rinpoche who visited Samye Ling and Holy Island in 2006 and led the Guru Rinpoche Drupchen.

'Khenpo Zopa will be the main Khenpo, he is a learned Geshe from Kirti Monastery. The Shedra has started with 54 students. They have constituted a Shedra Committee with 15 monks. There will be a common kitchen and all students will be offered free food, lodging and education. They have started a shop to help finance the Shedra.
'This is fulfilling one of my dreams for a long time. We will soon receive some photos from Karsing and Lama Desing. Lama Desing is an old monk of Rigul Monastery who lives in Dehradun and Karsing is my uncle who has been visiting Rigul during this time.
We hope they will return safely".

Rinpoche adds: "The school and Clinic are both running very well. 14 students from the school joined the Shedra. Of 54 students, 32 are from Rigul Monastery and the rest are from nearby monasteries including the Sakya Monastery across from Rigul."

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For more information and photographs on Rigul Monastery, click here.
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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Bodhicharya Summercamp 2009

The 4th International Bodhicharya Summercamp took place last week at La Petite Pierre, near Strasbourg, hosted by Bodhicharya France. During two sessions each day, Rinpoche completed his commentary on 'Pointing out the Dharmakaya', a short text on Mahamudra by Wangchuk Dorje, the 9th Karmapa, this year he taught on the 'pointing out instructions'.

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This deeply serious topic provoked a lot of laughter as we teased out with Rinpoche,
'what it is not', as well as what it is: 'too easy, too good, too close, too deep'.

Lama Tsering Paldron from Portugal tanslated brilliantly for the french speakers.

Rinpoche taught for four hours each day, to an audience of 130 students from France, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, UK, Belgium, Holland, Portugal, Italy, USA.
We enjoyed hot sunshine for most of the week, early morning meditation, evening chenrezig practice, long walks and live music, as well as the twice daily teachings.

At the end of the week participants presented Rinpoche with a dramatic offering of a 'human mandala'. (above) Lama Tsultrim of Bodhicharya France, Ringu Tulku, and Lama Soga watching on.

The Mighty General with 64 Special Accomplishments

The completed Mandala.

Ringu Tulku blesses participants before leaving for Brussels.