Tuesday, 1 September 2009

A Poetic Offering

Bodhicharya Publications are planning to gather poetry , writing, photographs and drawings etc. by Bodhicharya students and friends to put into a small publication as a gift for His Holiness Karmapa which will be be presented by Ringu Tulku during the 17th Karmapa's first visit to Europe. It will be an edited selection, and anything not chosen this time may be kept for another publication with permission of the author.
If you have anything you would like to contribute for selection please email up to 5 suitable poems, aspirational songs, prayers, or short written pieces and images to Margaret Ford at mgtfrd@aol.com or click here.
If you are a non native English speaker and prefer to write in your mother tongue, please make or have made, an initial translation of your poetry into English. This may also be further edited in english by an editing team, in conjunction with and permission of the author. Poems will then be published in the original language as well as in English. Closing date for submissions is 30th September 2009.

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