Sunday, 24 January 2010

Reminder: Rinpoche's Visit to Ireland 2010

Ringu Tulku will be teaching in Dublin fro 13th-18th April. As usual, his schedule will include evening teachings in Dublin Samye Dzong, and weekend of teachings elsewhere in Dublin. He will not be travelling to Dzogchen Beara or Prajna Community in Galway this year due to other commitments. It is important to note that the evening teachings especially will require pre booking to reserve a place, all are welcome to join the weekend talks, the topic, venue and other details to be announced shortly.

The following prayer for Ringu Tulku was composed by His Holiness Gyalwa Karmapa 17th. it is recommended that this be recited daily, to protect Rinpoche, promote good health and ensure his long life.

" The most peaceful essence of clear light,
Arisen as the changeless form of illusion,
Free from any sign of age and decay,
May he live forever as the Buddha of long life"

Bob Whiteside of Ireland requested the Karmapa write this prayer at Bodhgaya during the 26th Kagyu Monlam, in the presence of a group of Irish Bodhicharya students. It was written on January 17th 2009 and presented to Rinpoche in Siliguri, India at that time.

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