Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Dublin Teachings 13th - 18th April 2010

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Sections of Gampopa's Great Public Teachings, - Che Dagpo Rinpoche Tsog Chö Chenpo - will be the subject of Rinpoche's teaching for this week. This is a little known text by 12 century Tibetan saint and scholar, Jé Gampopa (1079 - 1153). Gampopa was renowned physician, who renounced the world and became a monk after he was unable to save his wife and two children who died in an epidemic that ravaged their homeland. After years of spiritual practice Gampopa was deeply moved on hearing the name of the great yogi, Milarepa, and sought him as his teacher. Milarepa subjected Gampopa to various tests before accepting him as a student, but subsequently gave him his complete teachings.
This text is one of these and was put into writing around the time of the second Karmapa, Karma Pakshi. These are both General and Specific Teachings, and have not yet been translated and published outside the Tibetan. It is only the second time that they have been taught in the west, the first was also by Ringu Tulku in Barcelona, between 2004 - 2006. According to Rinpoche they are the very basis of the Karma Kagyu teachings and represent the classic Kagyu teaching tradition.

Thanka painting of Jé Gampopa. by R D Salga.

If you plan to attend the whole week of teachings for both evenings and weekend talks, please book through Kagyu Samye Dzong, Dublin . If you plan to attend the weekend only at the Writers Musem, you may book through Bodhicharya Ireland, c/o 24, North Terrace, Dublin 8 and make your cheque payable to Sowa Rigpa Europe. The proceeds from the weekend will go directly towards helping Rinpoche with his educational and charitable work In India and Tibet. Numbers are limited for the teachings, so please book early to ensure a place .

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