Saturday, 13 March 2010

News from the Irish Buddhist Network

BUDDHIST NETWORK IRELAND was founded in 2006 with a view to connecting for the first time all the various mainstream Buddhist communities in Ireland, North and South. It is both a forum in which Irish Buddhists can dialogue and organise joint events, and a way to present information about Buddhism in Ireland to the public. BNI has a representative on the Irish Inter-Religious Council.


DUBLIN INTERNATIONAL BUDDHIST FILM FESTIVAL 2010 will be the first such event in Ireland. It is still in the planning stages but is scheduled to take place over a single weekend in September 2010. There will be a small festival membership fee, but all screenings will be free of charge.
The festival is part of a new grass-roots movement of independent film festivals that encourages similar events to start up around the world, no matter how remote the location or how small the event.

For more information on the Dublin IBFF, or to volunteer, or to get inspired to organise your own local festival, please enjoy...


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