Monday, 23 August 2010

And more thoughts on fundraising

Dear Friends,
Thank you so much for your help yet again with another devastating disaster - the floods in Ladakh.
Ringu Tulku says:

It is great that you could help Ladakh people. Why not? We should and would do whatever to help anybody within our power. I am glad we could use Rigul Trust as a medium.
There are so many tragedies. It seems the predictions of Climate Change are coming true. They say 2 billion people will be badly affected because of the melting of the third pole which is Tibet and Himalaya.
We are constantly being asked for help with poverty relief, education and welfare in some of the poorest communities in the world. Natural disasters take their toll on many already impoverished communities and exiled settlements in some of the remotest places.
An idea of how we can further help with Christmas approaching and the message of love and kindness that this carries.
We are looking for a way of designing and producing Christmas cards to sell with 100% of the money from the sale of these cards to go to fund Ringu Tulku's humanitarian projects through Rigul Trust.
If you are able to design, produce and offer Christmas cards to Rigul Trust to sell, or know anyone who might be able to do this, please let us know, either at this email address or
Thank you so much for your time and interest.
Wishing you all the very best,
Margaret Richardson and the team.
Trustee of Rigul Trust

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