Friday, 15 October 2010

New Shedra and Debate on Bodhicharya International Website

The shedra teachings have begun on the Bodhicharya International website. There are two sections : the study group will follow Rinpoche's teachings on the Bodhicharya Avatara, written by the great 8th century yogi Shantideva as a guide for a bodhisattva's way of life. As an introduction Rinpoche gives very interesting details on the life of Shantideva who was known as Busuku - a lazy person who apparently only eats and sleeps.
Rinpoche will begin the actual teachings shortly.
The second part of the Shedra is a debate area, and everyone is encouraged to log on and join in with comments and views. The current topic is on the question of 'Acting - or not Acting' posed by Bernard Kaiser and elaborated by Tsering Paldron. There is already a lively philosophical debate running on that page.

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