Sunday, 19 December 2010

HH Karmapa will pray for your loved ones this week...

Many thanks to our Dharma friend Rahima for sending this information.
It was received from Samye Ling in Scotland and will surely be of interest to all who would like His Holiness Karmapa to pray for thier loved ones - especially those who have passed away.

The email which Rahima wishes to share reads as follows:

MESSAGE FROM INDIA  December 17, 2010 6 PM PST

Dear Friends,

His Holiness Karmapa is doing Akshobhya Buddha Rituals each night.

Lists for living and deceased family and friends for blessing and
deliverance can be sent to, no offering needed but

On the sixth night the lists will be burned, so you have two days to get
lists to His Holiness. This is the first time HH is allowing this without

Please share this with Buddhist communities and friends.

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