Monday, 27 June 2011

Two new working groups from the Buddhist Network Ireland

Buddhist Network Ireland (BNI) is looking for members and friends of the Buddhist community who'd like to become more involved in a practical way with the BNI activities, specifically in the following areas.  (As you are registered here on the Bodhicharya Ireland news page and have received this, that includes you).

It is widely acknowledged by many within the education system that there has been a growing lack of  emphasis on an ethos of kindness and consideration for others.   At a recent conference on Science, Meditation and Education in Sikkim where there is a very high incidence of suicide amongst the young, the Dalai Lama and many eminent international meditation teachers talked about the importance of including a spiritual dimention in the school curriculum using a secular set of references - in other words we need to find ways to allow our young people to experience and express their inherent  kindness and inner knowing.
See Bodhicharya e-magazine 'Many Roads' for a full report on talks given by HH Dalai Lama,  Ringu Tulku, Robert Thurman, Alan Wallace, Rinchen Khandro and many more.

Here in Ireland members of BNI would like to either join with an existing group - there are a few pilot schemes already underway in schools in some parts of the country - or on forming a new group who'd be interested to help develop a programme for engagement within the Irish education/youthwork  system, offering courses by and for  schools, students, teachers Please see the invitation from BNI below.
The second proposal is to form a group of people who will work together to help support and guide those who are terminally ill and their families, especially where a Buddhist funeral service is requested.
The topics under that heading below are  prompted by hearing that the Irish Government plan on changing the current practice of carrying an organ donor card if one wishes to donate at the time of death, to that of a card stating that the carrier does not wish to donate. The topics dealt with by the group will be broader than the list below but for those interested to consider the implications,  you will find there are  articles on the subject by clicking  here  and also  here .

Ringu Tulku Rinpoche has often answered questions on the topic of preparation for death, see for instance his talk on the topic in Thailand.

Working Group :  "Kindness in Education"
Buddhist Network Ireland is wishing to set up a working group that
has expertise or an interest in Education, and that wishes to advocate and
advise on how to develop further Kindness in Education (such as schools
and colleges). This would definitely include mindfulness as a kindness to
oneself (and others).
Areas of interest would be
- how to go from an aspiration of kindness to a realization of kindness in school
- how to use mindfulness to aid the health of the individual and the school system
- how teaching kindness can be a preventative approach to reducing bullying behaviour.
- how mindfulness can enhance learning and make it more enjoyable.
- etc.
Please contact

Working Group :  "End of Life Care"
Buddhist Network Ireland is wishing to set up a working group that
has expertise or an interest in "End of Life Care".
This group will advocate for "End of Life Care" in the following areas amongst others,
- medical practitioners not to presume consent to retain organs.
- medical practitioners not to over-prescribe drugs at time of death.
- advocating for allowing a 3/4-day delay before autopsy (if required) etc.   
Please contact

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