Friday, 30 December 2011

A Poem for 2012

Ringu Tulku has sent his new year greetings in the form of an aspirational poem for 2012.  As he suggests, let's aim for a new awareness and try to hold a stable place in the midst of so much change. 

Happy New Year 2012

The year Two Thousand and Twelve has arrived.
Some say this is the end of the world.
Others predict it will be the beginning of a new awareness.
We have just lived through a challenging and eventful year
And it certainly will be another year with lots happening.
But what is the use worrying about the future?

We need to live today the best we can
And create causes for a better tomorrow.
Let us celebrate the freedom of choice that we have.
Who says I cannot make a difference?
I can make a difference to myself and around me.
Isn't that making enough difference to my world?

My mind goes to those brave men and women
Who offered their lives as lamps for the freedom of others.
My heart is moved by those who came forward to help
People in distress through natural or man-made calamities.
Human spirit of compassion, courage and longing for freedom,
Neither can be crushed by power nor bought with gold.

Let us celebrate that undying human spirit!
Happy New Year.
Rinpoche is currently in Sikkim, and leading a New Year Retreat at his meditation centre organised by a group from South Africa.  

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