Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Great News for Losar - Ringu Tulku to Visit Dublin in June 2012 -

We are very happy to welcome Ringu Tulku  to Dublin   21st - 24th  June 2012.  Rinpoche's first visit to Ireland was in January 1990, when he stayed for three weeks and taught both at Dublin Samye Dzong and in Dzogchen Beara in West Cork, at the invitation of both Akong Rinpoche and Sogyal Rinpoche.   At the time both were 'fledgeling' centres and we have been indebted for the  continuing support of Rinpoche's wonderful visits.   Bodhicharya Ireland was formed by a group of Rinpoche's long term students in 2008 and each year hosts a weekend teaching in Dublin.
Best wishes to everyone for the Tibetan New Year of the Male Water Dragon - and we'll have more details on Rinpoche's upcoming visit soon.

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