Monday, 12 March 2012

Visit to Dublin of Lama Tsultrim to teach Nangpé Yoga in Ireland, May 2012

The Nangpé Yoga Instructions of  Yoga of the Venerable Kalu Rinpoche [1905-1989].
These are a specific teaching to accompany meditation practice, and the course will integrate both theory and movement.
‘This yoga is directed to the inside and leads to the understanding of the nature of the mind. It offers a harmonious set of dynamic exercises for the body speech and mind that are accessible to all, Buddhists and non Buddhists, young or old, beginners or advanced practitioners of other forms of yoga. These exercises include positions and symbolic guestures, the experience of space and motion, techniques of relaxation and massage, breathing practises, working on the subtle energies and the chakras, mantra recitation, and the experience of voidness and the clarity of mind’.          
Passage taken from Kalu Rinpocheʼs introduction to the instruction manual.

Lama Tsultrim Gelek
Lama Tsultrim took ordination in 1985 with Kalu Rinpoche, and was fully ordained by Bokar Rinpoche in 1988, after completing a three year, three month retreat in France. Ten years later he established the Dashang Buddhist Centre in Strasburg, under the guidance of Bokar Rinpoche. After the death of Bokar Rinpoche, Ladannma Tsultrim extended an invitation to Ringu Tulku, to take on the role of spiritual director of the centre which then became known as Bodhicharya France/Strasburg.
Whilst the previous Kalu Rinpoche was alive he devised and taught a set of practices that became known as the ‘Kalu Yogas’.  These he taught in Scotland, France and Belgium.  Lama Tsultrim is one of those who received the teachings, and has been asked by Ringu Tulku to teach them to Bodhicharya Students. Lama Tsultrim and his students have organised the last six Bodhicharya France summercamps for Rinpoche. He runs the Bodhicharya retreat centre at Lusse, in eastern France, and teaches at centres across Europe.  

This course will run on the 12th &13th May 2012 at a venue near Greystones, in north Co. Wicklow.  There are a small number of places remaining, and will be given on a first come basis.  Cost for the weekend €50. 
Please indicate your interest by emailing  if you would like to attend.

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