Sunday, 20 May 2012

Kalu Yoga weekend

Lama Tsultrim with some of the Kalu Yoga study group

Lama Tsultrim and his attendant Ani Palmo presented some simple yet deeply profound teachings during the two days last weekend near Greystones in Co Wicklow. There were twelve participants, including Ani Sherab Tso, from Glasgow. Unfortunately the low temperatures kept us indoors, but thanks to Lama Tsultrim's enthusiasm and relaxed attitude, we were given a wonderfully clear introduction to the Nangpé yogas as taught by Kalu Rinpoche. His experience and erudite transmission of the teachings were very much appreciated by us all, and the instructions went way beyond those of the physical movements. The yogas can be done regularly as an aid to meditation as needed, or on their own as a complete practice. The weekend participants plan to continue to meet and practice together and look forward very much to Lama Tsultrim's next visit.

More updates coming soon on the visit of Ringu Tulku from 20th - 24th June.

Lama Tsultrim is founder of  Bodhicharya France which has its base at the retreat centre in Lusse, in the Vosges dept. of Lorraine  under the spiritual direction of Ringu Tulku. The centre welcomes all those wishing to make short or long term retreats. Please see the link above for details.

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