Monday, 8 February 2016

Dublin dates for the year of the Fire Monkey

We are happy that Rinpoche has confirmed this year's dates for Ireland :
20th - 23rd June inclusive
(the programme and topic are not available yet)  
Dzogchen Beara 
24th - 26th June. 
He extends his new year  greetings to everyone, with a Hindu image of Hanuman the Monkey god-king, and a heartfelt poem.

the Hindu Monkey God-King, Hanuman
On the Fire Monkey New Year 
I wish you a heartfelt Tashi Delek.
Next year, this time, may we meet again
With smiles on our faces
And hearts full of joy.
May our teachers live long
May goodness spread wide
May the world be filled with compassion
May the earth revive its vitality
May beings live in peace.
May all these wishes come true
That I've made with a pure  heart.

With respect,  from Ringu Tulku        February 2016

Hanuman was a key figure in a ancient Indian epic called the Ramayana, he was brave, perservering and loyal, devoted and selfless: he inspired others to face their ordeals and overcome obstacles, he is protector to Kali, and guards her temple doorways all over India. 

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