Friday, 30 December 2016

Rinpoche in the Caribbean

Some of the students of Bodhicharya Caribbean Sangha on Antigua
Last Autumn , at the start of his teaching programme in Mexico and the US, Rinpoche spent some time visiting the Caribbean Island of Antigua, where Karma Rinchen is resident seafaring monk for Bodhicharya Caribbean.  Rinchen sent us a few words and photographs of Rinpoche's visit.  
At Rotten Hill

At Shirley Heights

"We had a very good time of it with Rinpoche here earlier this month. He was actually teaching over three days. We had two informal classes with sangha, and a day retreat, two public talks and the refuge ceremony (21 people took refuge for the first time). It all went pretty well and I think he enjoyed his time here very much". 

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