Sunday, 27 July 2008

Bodhicharya Ireland's Dharmawork Areas

I hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather, wherever you may be today.

Here is a very positive update...

We have now identified key volunteers for all of the areas of dharmawork we identified for Bodhicharya Ireland at its inception, almost 3 months ago [see earliest blog posts and emails].

This includes all the main areas of recording, transcribing, archiving, publishing etc.
We are also delighted to announce there will be small informal Study and Practice groups based in sangha-members' houses in Dublin, Cavan and the Sligo/Leitrim area.
Details to come later.

We are now close to inviting a new Director who will have main responsibility for planning RTR's schedule and main teaching in Ireland, 2009.

This new Director will require lots of support and encouragement from the whole sangha, beginning with a general meeting of sangha in the early autumn.

PLEASE CONTINUE TO OFFER SOME OF YOUR TIME AND ENERGY to support RTR's work in Ireland. And contact us directly to say what work areas you are most interested in, if you haven't already.

Many many thanks to those of you who have.

Hopefully this humble beginning to Bodhicharya Ireland will blossom into something extraordinarily vital and beneficial over the coming years and lifetimes.

If you are attending Rinpoche's teachings in France and elsewhere you might like to share some inspiring photos or key phrases via this blog. Keep in touch via email.

Love and best wishes always,


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