Saturday, 23 August 2008

Fast and Pray for Tibet, August 30, 7am - 7pm.

Dear Friends,

Please consider taking part or supporting in whatever way you feel appropriate.

Here is the mail from RTR...

"Dear All,
We had a special meeting of Lamas of all schools of Tibetan Buddhism
with His Holiness the Dalai Lama yesterday morning at 9 am before the
inauguration of the Lerab Ling Temple [Rigpa, France]. He asked all Tibetan Lamas in the
west to work together and gave very specific advices on various important subjects. I will write about them all soon when I will be able to transcribe it.
The most urgent request that he made was to observe the Fasting Prayer Day on Aug 30th. from 7 am to 7 pm. for Tibet and all such problems like that of Tibet.
I hope all the centers and groups connected with me will be able to
observe this and pray for all the problems of the world.
I will be driving from Austria to Munich on that day and will observe the
fast and prayers.
Wish you all the best,

Incidentally, I watched the inauguration of the Lerab Ling Temple live online, thanks to Rigpa Dublin, and was very inspired to hear HH Dalai Lama teach so inspiringly.

He spoke about the essence of Buddhism being Wisdom and Compassion - in order to benefit beings, longing to attain complete enlightenment.

It was rather shocking and saddening, however, to hear HHDL speaking about Tibet...

He said that during the most recent uprising, March 2008, he felt China's brutal clampdown signalled the beginning of the very end for Tibet.

He recalled how, in his lifetime, various cultures had been wiped out by the Han Chinese - the Manchurians, the Inner Mongolians - and how Tibet would be the next catastrophic disappearance.

Perhaps most sobering of all was when His Holiness likened the current situation in Tibet to a prisoner who has been given the death sentence -

The final outcome is now clear and inevitable.
There is nothing that can be done to avoid it.

HHDL spoke about how the Buddhist approach of non-violence and compassion for the Chinese has led paradoxically to Tibet losing her country.
He also mentioned that all the glorious Tibetan masters of the past [themselves living Buddhas] could not do anything to avoid losing their country.
How sad to see most of today's masters living as refugees in exile, including HHDL himself who concluded -

People look to me for guidance and leadership towards a free Tibet.

But what can I do?


It's too late!

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