Wednesday, 5 September 2012

A Message from Ringu Tulku

Rinpoche sends news of the funeral today of his uncle, Thondup Dorjee.   He writes:

"The funeral went very well today. We were worried about the weather as the monsoon is not yet left and it is all the time cloudy and rainy.  
But this morning the Kachenjunga was fully visible.  the sky was completely clear and blue.  The cremation was done at Taktse, where you could directly see the Kachenjunga mountains.  The fire offering was done by two groups of ten Lamas. The Nyingma group performed with Chenrezik sadhana and the Kagyu group performed with Amitabha sadhana.  There appeared all different forms of clouds in the sky, and when the fire was lit a group of eagles circled three or four times in the skyabove and then disappeared.   The smoke only blew towards the west all through the hours and the body also fell its head towards the west.Many well wishers from Sikkim as well as from outside Sikkim came and gave us support. I have received sympathy and good wishes from all over the world and I would like to thank them on this occasion.
Today the Sakya and Ngorpa Monastery in Gangtok also performed the name burning practice through the sadhana of Vairochana where about 70 monks were in summer retreat. We offered lunch and distributed donations."

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