Saturday, 15 September 2012

Some of you will remember Lama Tustrim's visit to Ireland earlier this year. Bodhicharya France has produced an album of his songs to raise funds for the Rigul Trust, please see Margaret Richardson's message below, and click here for a sample track to download.

Created by Margaret Richardsonyesterday
Shared With: Bodhicharya
Dear friends,
It is our pleasure to announce that a CD with mantras and prayers recorded by Lama Tsultrim and sold for the benefit of Rigul Trust is now available.
The project started one year ago during Summercamp 2011.
Lama Tsultrim suggested that the Sangha could sing, as an offering to Rinpoche, the so-called root guru mantra found in Kalu Rinpoche's Guru Yoga text, using a melody taken from the Calling the Guru From Afar prayer.
Rinpoche liked the mantra so much that he suggested that Lama Tsultrim could record it on a CD. This mantra, plus several others, have hence been recorded by Lama Tsultrim during the spring 2012. .
Best wishes,
Bodhicharya France
The contents of the CD are:
1  Root Lama Mantra
2  Karmapa Mantra
3  Mahamudra Prayer
4  Chenrezig Mantra
5  Invocation of Milarepa
Further details to follow shortly on the Rigul Trust Community as to how to buy this CD that Lama Tsultrim has recorded. Lama Tsultrim has a beautiful voice.

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