Monday, 31 December 2012

Best wishes for 2013 from Ringu Tulku Rinpoche

Bringing 2012 to an end, Rinpoche has sent a poem to share. The year has been busy for him, and for many Bodhicharya Ireland members.  Since summercamp in Portugal :  beginning in September Rinpoche  translated into English for the month long 'Kawang Ngangzod'  (Transmission of the Secret Tantras) led by His Eminence Gyaltsap Rinpoche at Ralang Monastery,  Sikkim.  He then toured and taught for three weeks in Taiwan, Indonesia and Hong Kong and following that taught on a month long retreat of students from Ireland and UK at Bodhicharya Meditation Centre in Sikkim, on 'The Lamp of Mahamudra' by Tsele Natsok Rangdrol. The retreat was led by Donal Creedon from Ireland, and we hope some stories and feedback from these and other activities by his Irish students will  appear on these pages in the next while. Currently Rinpoche is translating at the Kagyu Monlam.
We look forward to seeing Rinpoche again in Ireland before the summer.  He will begin 2013 by leading a retreat in Berlin beginning 3rd January, teaching on the text 'The Quintessential Instructions on the Jonangpa'. It is said the 108 Instructions of Jonang is a collection of the pith instructions of all the lineages that came from India to Tibet. This collection was put together by Kunga Drolchok (1507-1566) and Jetsun Taranatha (1575-1634).  There are still some places on this course.
The event is in aid of fundraising for the next stage of building his centre in Berlin, which is coming close to completion.
This year two of his closest friends and guides died, his uncle Thondup Dorjee, at the family home in Sikkim, and Sherab Palden Beru of Samye Ling. Please remember them both in your prayers.

Rinpoche will also be travelling to US this year, at the invitation of Bodhicharya America and Naropa University.

We send our greetings, prayers and good wishes to Rinpoche for 2013 from Bodhicharya Ireland. 

A Poem from Ringu Tulku : 

My Heartfelt Prayers for 2013

In the misty morning
Under the Bodhi tree
We all sit close together
And pray for universal well being.

My mind goes to my loved ones
Who have passed away
But I never cease to miss.
May they find their way to peace.

My mind also goes to those Tibetans
Who burnt themselves alive
Without hatred and violence
Calling for justice in Tibet.

I do not know if it helps Tibet
But I need to support them
If I am still a human being
As they have so much trust in humanity.

I pray that there will be kindness
In each and every heart
And able to express them
Without fear of any kind.

May the Year of 2013
Be a year of new beginning.
May we act with wisdom
And think with compassion
Ringu Tulku

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