Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Hi Ho... Hi Ho... It's off to work we go!

Dear Friends,

It is time to follow up with you and put some of our aspirations into action.

Rinpoche mentioned to us before that he was very pleased and excited to see that we had identified the following areas of dharma work for Bodhicharya Ireland:

you may recall we said-

1. study and practice
2. publishing and archiving RTR's teachings
3. film-making
4. organising and promoting RTR's teachings in Ireland
5. exploring dialogue with other faiths and the sciences

Now I propose we break this list down into more manageable parts :

1. practice [maybe organising a regular informal group meditation in your own area]

2. study [maybe exploring what RTR materials exist for individuals/small groups to study together]

3. transcribing RTR's Irish teachings

4. archiving those teachings

5. publishing various dharma materials and teachings [especially RTR's]

6. film-making

7. recording RTR's teachings in Ireland

8. organising RTR's teachings in Ireland [holding the overview, planning and co-ordinating]

9. promoting those teachings [PR especially for public programme]

10. organising opportunities for RTR to dialogue when in Ireland with those of other faiths [and none] and the sciences

Please take this opportunity to examine your aspiration to assist Rinpoche with his dharma work.

Really bring it into your practice, if you wish - hold the aspiration clearly in your heart.

Then, identify one or more areas from the above list of 10 that you feel inspired to engage in.

Please let me know what you wish to devote your energy to.

For starters, please could you consider sharing some of your personal practice time and space with others in your area?

You might like to welcome others to join you once a week/month etc for group meditation.

This session could be done in silence without any leading/instruction whatsoever, thus enabling each person to do whatever is their particular practice [but with the added dimension of sangha around them]
All you would have to decide now is how regularly you would host a session, when, and for how long [1hr etc].

if you live in a region where other Bodhicharya students live [but not in your immediate area] you might consider inviting the others to visit you to practise together however infrequently
if you live in an area where there are no other Bodhicharya students, you could consider inviting practitioners from any tradition to come sit with you

Finally, Rinpoche mentioned there were other students of his not on our email list.
Please encourage any people you know may be interested to email us and to subscribe to the blog.

So, lots to digest and consider.
For now, let's establish some shared practice time wherever we live.
Once you've had some time, please then let me know what dharma work you may like to give some energy to.

Never underestimate your abilities and how much spare time you'd have for the right project.
Never assume that someone else will volunteer [so you don't have to bother replying]

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Love and Best Wishes,


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