Monday, 2 June 2008

latest news and good wishes from Rinpoche

Just had another email from Rinpoche...

He was saying how happy he is that Bodhicharya Ireland has formed and that we have established a 'good connection' with eachother.

In my email report to him about how our first meeting and dinner went, i told him who was present and the names of everyone interested throughout ireland.
He also mentioned that there were many others in ireland who he knows consider themselves to be his students - although he doesn't himself know their names for certain

so we may take that as a hint to do some discreet detective work and inform anyone we know who would like to be in the loop... just tell them to email the official address for ireland, and to subscribe to the blog for further updates [most important!]

Rinpoche was also very interested and excited in the areas of dharma work we identified as our initial focus [see previous blog post and emails]

I had asked RTR to elaborate on his original direction for the sangha to be 'Rimé' [ecumenical]
This most recent reply addressed that point by saying, as well as being open in our sangha to people from every tradition, we might also become a core group within the emerging Buddhist Network Ireland - which, as you may know, i have set up and to which i am offering most of my dharma work energy these days

Margaret Ford, who runs Bodhicharya International for Rinpoche, also sends her love and best wishes for this new sangha and offers her support in whatever way we may need it

So, Bodhi-Buddies, we are off to a very auspicious, clear and heart-warming start

Love, Bruno

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