Sunday, 29 June 2008

Rigul update

The charity launch I mentioned recently is, in fact, intended for the UK zone especially.

As we in Ireland are still part of the Euro-zone [at least for the time being LOL!], I wish to clarify things a little and let you know that we fall within the mainland European Rigul charity's scope, run by Ines Wooters.

Their website is

On it, you will find lots of inspiring photos such as these and details of the various projects RTR has set up such as the lay school, the shedra and the clinic.

Above you can see Rinpoche, wearing the Gampopa Hat, during a ceremony on his return to Rigul, Kham in 2005 - his first visit to his homeland Tibet since his forced exile as a child.

This is the lay school they built

And these are some of the children enjoying lunch!

This is the Tibetan herbal store-shelf at the clinic.

If you look at their site
you will notice there is a way for you to contribute financially directly, by yourself.

However, if you wish to be part of Bodhicharya Ireland's first group donation, then please contact me asap on 087 686 7062 as I intend doing this the first week in July.

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