Friday, 29 August 2008

General Meeting, October 4

If you haven't already heard, by email, Bodhicharya Ireland has established itself with a core group of dharma volunteers and is about to have its Annual General Meeting on October 4 in Dublin.

We will meet at Annie Dibble's house at 1230 for a 'pot-luck' lunch and meeting to plan the year 2008/2009.

Please show your support by making every effort to attend.

If you are NOT on our email list - ie if you are keeping yourself informed ONLY via this blog - then please email us asap so we can keep you in the loop about the address, agenda etc., and above all so we know how many to expect.

Sangha living in the Dublin area are kindly invited to bring some prepared food to share with those who will travel from further afield - their offering will be the journey to Dublin.

We all look forward immensely to being together again in October.

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