Sunday, 31 August 2008

May My Mind Turn Towards The Dharma

Just received this link to youtube.

It is a wonderful short teaching from Ringu Tulku Rinpoche on The 4 Reminders [also known as the 4 Causes of Renunciation].

These four lines encapsulate the whole Buddhist approach.

So if you are wondering, or someone close to you, WHAT is Buddhism? or WHY Buddhism? or even HOW to practise it? then, these four pithy daily contemplations are just what is needed.

It could even be helpful for non-Buddhists who wish to understand why their loved ones are now practising Buddhism.

The topics for the 4 Contemplations are:

1. This Precious Human Life

2. Impermanence [Change]

3. Samsaric Mind [Suffering]

4. Karma [Cause and Effect]

Finally, here is the link


PS whoever recorded and edited this teaching did a great job - really inspiring, thank you!

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